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 jack the balloon man

Jack the Balloon Man is an entertainer like no other. His balloon creations are amazing, ranging from loveable animals to popular children's characters to fun interactive games.  With his infectious energy and his hilarious antics, Jack the Balloon Man will be the life of your party.

     Jack the Balloon Man has been performing his craft for over 30 years!  Never content to make just "swords and hats," Jack will use a multitude of balloons to create detailed works of art! Ever the showman, Jack will keep all of your guests entertained with his interactions and comical styling. 

$120 per hour

*introductory rate.  travel fees may apply.  please call 866.fam.fun1 for details.


owner of The Pop Shop

Jack has been performing weekly at my business for the last 5 years.  He is always on time and incredibly professional.  With his easy going manner, funny jokes and awesome balloon art, he is a hit with both children & adults.  


Jack has been a staple at our summer party for almost ten years, and the kids ask for him every year.

He is amazing at making balloons, has a great rapport with the kids and keeps them orderly and engaged the entire time he works. I have recommended Family Fun to numerous families over the years, and have always been given fantastic feedback.


director of special education

bankbridge regional school  

I want to thank you for sharing your talents with our students.  It is clear to me that a tremendous love for students with special needs and entertaining them, drives your efforts.  A sincere thank you on behalf of our entire school, parents & administrators.

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balloon artist

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