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On the behalf of the Greater Philadelphia Food Bank, I want to thank you for your wonderful and unique balloon art.  I call it art because the creativity that went into your balloons was unbelievable!  The children were thrilled to watch in awe as you made the balloons come alive and eager to show off what you created for them.  With your participation and that of the face painter, you helped make our event a great success.

 - Tanya  Stewart - 

Director of Agency

Greater Philadelphia Food Bank 

I would like to thank Jack the

Balloon Man & Gina the Balloon Girl for participating in our holiday event. Once again, you were both amazing and entertaining.  The children really enjoyed the balloon art and face painting!  Thank you for donating your time and effort.

 - Susan Burrows Clark - 

Project Coordinator

Cooper Children's Regional Hospital 

Amy was amazing. It seemed like she made about 50 different balloons in the 3 hours. She was so great with all the kids. They were trying to stump her - she made stuff she has never made before (r2d2, bb8) and they were amazing. A few of the adults

had her do some really complex stuff. She is excellent and I really appreciate her making the trek for the party. She really added a lot and kept the kids occupied.

 - Andrew Stanger - 


 GenR Media 

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